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Overnight Brow Serum

Overnight Brow Serum

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Overnight Brow Serum contains natural growth factors derived from adult stem cells to enhance the thickness of your brows. These newly discovered bio-signals are the key to re-awakening your sleeping hair follicles and encouraging fuller, more natural brows.

Overnight Brow Serum contains 12 growth factors and nutrient rich polybotanicals that have been chosen for their scientifically proven ability to stimulate hair growth. The growth factors target the cells around each hair follicle, re-awakening them to produce healthy, thick hair. The polybotanicals have been proven to reduce inflammation (which causes cell death), stimulate hair growth, and deliver essential nutrients. Naturally derived from plants, polybotanicals are the perfect choice to come alongside our powerful human growth factors in helping to restore your brows.

Overnight Brows is one of the only completely safe and effective hair growth serums on the market today. It does not alter eye or skin color.

Prostaglandin Free • Paraben Free • Fragrance Free • Hypoallergenic

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