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Money Abundance Journal | Digital Download

Money Abundance Journal | Digital Download

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A thought provoking journal including prompts to help you change your mindset around money!

If any of this sounds like you...

  • You constantly think or worry about money
  • You either talk about nothing else or are extremely uncomfortable talking about money
  • You avoid money: You don’t check your bank account, you don’t open letters and/or delay paying invoices
  • You feel fear about money and taxes
  • You have no idea where your money goes
  • Spending money is emotionally charged: You spend when things are good, to celebrate wins, when things are bad, when you’re feeling happy or when you’re feeling down.
  • You’re in a constant hamster wheel of paying off debt and/or are so restrictive with spending that you are afraid to use your emergency fund even if there is a true emergency
  • You experience feelings of jealousy or envy and you are feeling like you’re behind everyone and need to catch up
  • You feel in a constant state of survival: No amount of money is enough to make you feel safe
  • You don’t allow yourself to dream and set audacious goals
  • You are in a vicious cycle of restricting your budget to a point where it’s not sustainable for you so you give in to shopping sprees and overspend massively now you feel guilty and go back to restricting yourself and the cycle continues.

This journal is right for you! It will help you to:

  • Uncover your true money mindset
  • Understand limiting beliefs and self-sabotaging thought and behavioral patterns and help you to shift them
  • Gain clarity on what lifestyle would actually make you feel abundant and what you can do to make it happen
  • Reveal what purchases are emotionally charged and how to relieve the charge so that you can make decisions that are good for you and serve your long term goals
  • Map out how you can translate your desires into a clear vision that you can then break down into goals and small action steps
  • Make a game plan on how to hold yourself accountable and really follow through with sustainably changing your money mindset and financial situation this time
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